To produce quality content to “ The Next Generation “ which will shape the future of India

We live in an Information Age. Kids are subjected to receive a whole lot of information from various sources. Parents keep telling, Don't do this. Don't read this. Instead, imagine a situation wherein kids are given few good choices to read. Like comics of Indian origin. Based on our history, heritage, tradition & language etc. To achieve this goal, Nila Comics is born. We wanted to reach out to the “ Next Generation “with the right content which entertains them. We are a group of professionals into animation and visual effects industry working towards this first project of ours: "Ponniyin Selvan" as comics. It is a long and huge project. We will do our best to produce the best of the quality in comics which India has never seen. We are sure the parents and kids will welcome it. We pray to the almighty to shower its grace on us to help us complete this project.

Our Team

We as a team are very passionate about Ponniyin Selvan and have understood the characters, the story, backgrounds and dialogue to the finest details. It was a massive task for the team of scriptwriters to break down the story of the 2400 page novel and its Characters. Extensive work has gone into re-writing the script to make it visually appealing to the audience.

P. Saravanaraja BE, MBA

Managing Director

The organisation is headed by him, who is a serial entrepreneur. He has successfully ventured out 3 businesses and this is his 4th venture. He is known for his integrity and aggressive attitude in the industry.


Animation Director

The team is headed by animation director, who has more than 20 years of animation experience. He started his career as a theater artist and later moved to animation. He worked in India’s very first 2D animated movie “Buddha” as a Character Designer. The core team has professionals with around 18+years in Animation.
The team is expanding, as the production is set to start soon and artists from around the globe are expected to join the team soon.